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Laser Processing Head HIGHmodular NEW!

The HIGHmodular is a highly flexible processing head that is typically used for laser welding including battery welding for the automotive industry.  It is designed with an embedded control unit that can be programmed through a graphical user interface (GUI).  The HIGHmodular’s ability to continuously adjust the focus diameter and position on the fly, not only from one workpiece to the next but also during the joining process, takes software controlled welding to a whole new level of flexibility  and productivity.  Maximum flexibility for focus control is achieved with an integrated 1D scanner, zoom collimation and a broad array of optics expansion modules. These features enable a near-limitless range of highly optimized laser welding tasks at a broad range of materials including aluminum, copper and steel. 


  • Advanced laser welding, surface treatment and brazing of a broad range of materials including aluminum, copper and steel
  • Including battery welding in the automotive industry


  • Rated for 10 kW laser power
  • Intuitive GUI controls an integrated 1D scanner and zoom collimation
  • Continuous adjustment of focus diameter (M) and focus position (Z) at a focal length of 50 to 120 mm and Z working range of 40 mm.
  • Compatible with fiber and disc lasers
    - IR + green wavelength
    - LLK-D and LLK-Q available*
  • Up to 4 cover slides, including a cover slide before collimation, prevent damage to the optics from contamination
  • Process enhancing accessories, e.g. several crossjet options, a new teach module or a CCD adapter
  • A complete system ready to use including cable management, robot support, crash sensor, crossjet, software, electric & pneumatic supply, camera, fiber cable, cover slides and more
  • Compatible with all common process observation tools
    *others on request


Materials Processing, High Power 1μm Laser Processing, Laser Processing Heads, HIGHYAG

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