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II-VI is an industry-leading manufacturer of high-power semiconductor laser components enabling fiber and direct diode laser systems for material processing, medical, consumer and printing applications. In addition, II-VI manufactures pump lasers for optical amplifiers for both terrestrial and submarine applications and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs) for optical navigation, optical interconnects and optical sensing applications.



II-VI Incorporated Introduces High-Speed Indium Phosphide Electro-Absorption Modulated Lasers for Datacenters and 5G Optical Infrastructure

By II-VI  /  February 26, 2020
II‐VI Incorporated (Nasdaq: IIVI), a global leader in optical communications components and subsystems, today announced the introduction of its high-speed indium phosphide (InP) electro-absorption modulated lasers (EML) for datacenters and the 5G optical access infrastructure. The upcoming combined demand for 400 Gbps transceivers in intra-datacenters and for 25 Gbps transceivers in fronthaul links to 5G antennas is rapidly driving a technology shift from directly modulated laser (DML) devices, deployed in high volume today, to more advanced EML devices that maintain...
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