Laser Processing Heads

Laser Processing Head µ

Micro laser material processing is playing an increasingly important role in flexible manufacturing. For innovative laser beam sources, including diode lasers as well as disc and fiber lasers, possible deployment scenarios are constantly expanding.

The flexible modular µ laser processing head develops the full potential of laser systems in the various job scenarios in micro laser processing. Apart from cutting in the single mode in order to take kerfs with a cut width of a few µm, the processing head can also be deployed in alternative optical configurations for plastic welding with foci in the mm range. For custom applications, process-supporting modules are available, such as cutting and shield gas nozzles for welding.
Process monitoring modules are designed for process monitoring and set-up. When it comes to the combination of systems for image recognition and seam detection, optical interfaces are available that permit the imaging of the processed spot with a local resolution in the µm range.
The modular system permits a universal mechanical integration of the head in laser processing facilities using the most diverse geometric parameters.

In a word:  µ laser processing head will set you up for any job involving micro laser material processing.

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