From amber-colored lenses that focus intense laser light, to high power electrical and microwave components,

II-VI Incorporated and its divisions and subsidiaries utilize expertise in synthetic crystal materials growth, optics fabrication, electronics component manufacture, and more to create high-tech products for a wide range of applications and industries. Founded in 1971, II-VI Incorporated is headquartered in Saxonburg, PA, and maintains manufacturing facilities, distributors, and agents worldwide. II-VI Incorporated is a public company, traded on the NASDAQ under the stock symbol IIVI.
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  • <STRONG>INFRARED OPTICS</STRONG><br>Zinc Selenide, Zinc Sulfide, Zinc Sulfide MultiSpectral, CVD Diamond
  • <STRONG>NEAR-INFRARED OPTICS</STRONG><br>Yttrium Vanadate, Yttrium Lithium Fluoride, Yttrium Aluminum Garnett
  • <STRONG>MILITARY & MATERIALS</STRONG><br>Selenium,Tellurium
  • <STRONG>ADVANCED PRODUCTS GROUP</STRONG><br>Bismuth Telluride, Silicon Carbide