WSS Modules

Flexband 1xN WSS

Gen-2 LightFlow™ Flexband WSS

II-VI's Flexible Bandwidth Wavelength Selective Switch (WSS) series is an important innovation of WSS technology, which enables the next generation networking towards higher capacity, with flexible bandwidth in 12.5GHz granularity - 4 times density compared to the standard fixed 50GHz channel spacing.

Powered by the Gen-2 LightFlow™ switch engine, II-VI’s Flexband 1xN WSS series also inherits the key characteristics from II-VI’s widely deployed standard WSS products, such as the high reliability and low power consumption, while featuring improved performance. Its backward compatibility allows the NEMs to minimize the investments in the future proof network equipment development.

Key Features

  • Truly flexible bandwidth with 12.5GHz granularity
  • No Bandwidth Limitation for Super Channel
  • No Performance Variation When Bandwidth Setting Changes
  • Intra-Channel Spectrum Contouring Capability
  • C and L band variant
  • Available Port Count: 1x2, 1x4 and 1x8/9
  • Superior performance
  • Backward compatibility with standard WSS
  • Future proof - support coherent 40G, 100G and beyond
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Industry-leading high reliability


  • Optical transport networks
  • Optical access networks
  • Datacenter interconnects
  • Next generation ROADMs
  • Dynamic wavelength switching
  • Flexible bandwidth provisioning
  • 100 Gb/s to beyond 1 Tb/s coherent transmission


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