High Power VCSEL Array

High Power Laser VCSEL Array up to 4 W pulsed power at 940nm

  • Designed for high volume TOF applications
  • All parameters for pulsed operation (QCW)
  • Longitudinal single mode, lateral multimode
  • Optical output power typ. 0.9 W
  • Scalable 2D Array design
  • Doughnut shaped, symmetrical farfield
  • Surface mountable
  • Non-hermetic operation

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  • High Volume Time of 3D Sensing
  • Illuminations
  • Printing


  • 940nm
  • 0.9 W (typ.) Output power
  • 1 A (RT, typ.) Bias current
  • 2.6V (typ.) Operating voltage
  • 35% (typ.) PCE
  • 30 deg. (typ) Beam divergence
Automotive, Consumer Electronics, 3D Sensing in Biometrics, 3D Sensing in VR & AR, Human Machine Interface, In-cabin Interaction, Internet of Things, LiDAR Sensing, VCSELs, LASER ENTERPRISE

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