Super Hard Materials Laser Processing Systems


II-VI super hard materials laser processing system is an efficient tool to groove all kinds of super hard materials such as PCD, CVD and single crystal diamonds, PDC, PCBN, ceramics etc. Compared with traditional EDM, II-VI laser systems can cut non-conductive materials, are easy to program and can start cuts from any location.

II-VI specially design, manufacture and market laser cutting and drilling machines for processing of all kinds of super hard materials (PCD and CVD diamond, PDC, PCBN, ceramics).


eM30 Micromachining Laser
Application Chip breaker, Rough Edge Finishing
Laser Power 30W Max
Installed Axes 3 Mechanical + 2 Optical
Alignment Method Coaxial video, 10um
Target Materials PCD, CBN, CVD etc
Material Removal Rate 1-10um per Layer
Materials Processing, High Power 1μm Laser Processing, Super Hard Materials Laser Processing Systems, LASERTECH

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