Singlemode Seed Laser Modules for Pulsed Fiber Lasers


Wavelength Stabilized 1064nm / 1030nm DFB Laser Diode Mini-Butterfly Module

II-VI Laser Enterprise CMDFB10xxA wavelength stabilized high power single mode laser module has been designed as a light source for pulsed narrow bandwidth fiber laser and direct frequency conversion applications.

A distributed feedback grating(DFB) located in the laser cavity results in the wavelength stabilization within couple of round trips. The laser chip and package are optimized for subnanosecond pulse operation. Processes and techniques of coupling the fiber to
the laser allow high peak output powers that are very stable
with both time and temperature.


  • Fiber laser systems
  • Frequency conversion
  • Spectroscopy


  • Wavelengths : 1064 or 1030 ± 2 nm
  • High output CW and pulse power: 200 and 800 mW, respectively
  • Short pulse modulation, down to 100ps
  • Lateral and longitudinal single mode in short pulse operation
  • Polarization maintaining single mode optical fiber
  • Internal thermoelectric heat pump and monitor diode
  • Hermetically sealed 10-pin mini-butterfly package
  • High reliability
Life Sciences, Materials Processing, Cosmetic, High Power 1μm Laser Processing, Ultrafast Laser Microprocessing, Singlemode Seed Laser Modules for Pulsed Fiber Lasers, LASER ENTERPRISE

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