SiC substrates

SiC substrates

The unique electronic and thermal properties of silicon carbide (SiC) make it ideally suited for advanced high power and high frequency semiconductor devices that operate well beyond the capabilities of either silicon or gallium arsenide devices. The key advantages of SiC-based technology include reduced switching losses, higher power density, better heat dissipation and increased bandwidth capability. At the system level, this results in highly compact solutions with vastly improved energy efficiency at reduced cost. The rapidly growing list of current and projected commercial applications utilizing SiC technologies include switching power supplies, inverters for green (solar and windmill) energy generation, industrial motor drives, HEV and EV vehicles, smart grid power switching and wireless communication base stations.

Material Properties

Growth Method
Physical Vapor Transport  
Physical Properties
Structure Hexagonal, Single Crystal
Diameter Up to 150mm, 200mm under development
Thickness 350µm (n-type, 3" SI), 500µm (SI)
Grades Prime, Development, Mechanical
Thermal Properties
Thermal Conductivity 370 (W/mK) at Room Temperature
Thermal Expansion Coefficient 4.5 (10-6K-1)
Specific Heat (25⁰C) 0.71 (J g-1 K-1)
Additional Key Properties of II-VI Advanced Materials SiC Substrates (typical values*)
Parameter N-type Semi-insulating
Polytype 4H 4H, 6H
Dopant Nitrogen Vanadium
Resistivity ~0.02 Ohm-cm > 1∙1011 Ohm-cm
Orientation 4° off-axis On-axis
FWHM < 20 arc-sec < 25 arc-sec
Roughness, Ra** < 5 Å < 5 Å
Dislocation density ~5∙103 cm-2 < 1∙104 cm-2
Micropipe density < 0.1 cm-2 < 0.1 cm-2

* Typical Production Values - Contact Us for Standard Specifications or Custom Requests
** Measured by White Light Interferometry (250µm x 350µm)


II-VI contributes to the SiC success story by developing and manufacturing market leading quality SiC substrates. We have over 15 years of SiC production experience and a corporate background in high volume manufacturing excellence. Our large and continuously expanding IP portfolio ensures that our technology and manufacturing practices remain protected and state-of-the-art. Our relentless focus on continuously improving the material quality and increasing the substrate diameter directly benefits our customers and partners, improving their yields, reducing their costs and enabling them to manufacture new generations of devices capable of even higher performance.

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