5-6µm Scanning Optics

5-6µm Scanning Optics

II-VI is also the only source for a complete line of 5 - 6µm scanning optics. From galvo mirrors for beam steering to beam expanders for beam shaping, II-VI can provide a complete set of optics for your scanning system. II-VI can also provide single element and multi-element scanning lenses for all laser machining applications. For high performance systems, like via-hole drilling applications, II-VI can custom design and manufacture lenses to meet all of the most demanding requirements.


  • Highest quality transmissive optical materials available– ZnSe, ZnS(MS), and Ge  4 – 250mm diameter optics
  • Custom optical designs (e.g. aspheres, axicons, spherical, free form lenses, etc.) available upon request
  • Custom coating designs to meet specific customer requirements
  • Optical assemblies such as beam expanders, multi-element scanning lenses, and cutting heads Ability to coat all reflective materials for beam delivery, galvo, and resonator mirrors
    (e.g. Copper, Si, Aluminum, etc.)


5-6µm Coatings

II-VI has developed a full suite of coatings covering Anti-Reflective coatings, Reflective coatings, BandSelective resonator coatings, Beam Splitter, and Polarization coatings.  These coatings were developed  with the multiple lasing lines of the CO laser in mind. These coatings are broadband in the 5µm - 6µm range to cover the CO spectrum.

Materials Processing, CO Laser Microprocessing, Scan Optics

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