Reaction Bonded Ceramics

Reaction Bonded Ceramics

II-VI’ SiC-based composites offer a broad range of solutions for harsh process applications.

  • Superior flatness capabilities – We are able to provide the semiconductor industry superior flatness capabilities that allow our customer’s tools to meet the decreasing dimensions required for the electrical circuits that power our lives.
  • Size and shape flexibility – II-VI’s advanced forming techniques allows for the manufacture of large, complex shapes with minimal or no machining. Components measuring up to 60” x 60” and weighing 1000 lbs have been produced. Typical products include, but are not limited to, burner nozzles, conical diffusers, coal deflectors, jet mill liners, and burner elbows.
  • Infiltration depth – Our reaction-bonding process can fully infiltrate components as thick as 6”, allowing a greater volume of wear material for harsh environments.
  • Reduced weight – Silicon Carbide components will be significantly lighter than the carbide, ceramic, or metal parts they will be replacing, easing installation and reducing downtime.

Material Flexibility

II-VI’s engineers have developed multiple new compositions within the reaction-bonded ceramic family. Compositions can be tailored to meet the application need, including the fabrication of ceramic composites. We are constantly working on new applications and new materials with our well staffed R&D group. We have won several R&D awards over the years for our innovative products.
Flow-through channels– One of these unique, patented specialty materials is a RBSC composite that is engineered to allow the addition of flow-through channels,  ideal for critical thermal management in high heat applications required by high energy lasers, semi-conductor applications and heat-exchanger applications.

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