Capabilities for Rare Metals 

II-VI specializes in providing unique technologies for complex raw materials, at mine-site solution for material concentration and tolling services for the recovery of high value specialty metals and chemicals by secondary refining techniques and waste recovery.

We also source raw materials from global suppliers through short or long-term contracts as well as one-time or spot purchases. We welcome the opportunity to submit bids on rare specialty metals and chemical products. Please contact our procurement department if you have high value residues or waste material for sale, and would like to discuss a long term partnership with our company.

Technology & Competencies

Rare specialty metals and chemical products are rare elements seldom found in their native state and are widely dispersed in the earth´s crust at average levels less abundant than silver. Tellurium was discovered in 1782 by Franz Muller von Reichenstein and was named by M. H. Klaproth, who isolated it in 1798. Selenium was discovered by Berzelius in 1817. There are no ores from which Tellurium and Selenium can be mined as primary products. Tellurium is usually associated with gold, silver, copper, lead, and bismuth ores. One of the most common Tellurium minerals is sylvanite, a complex gold silver telluride. Selenium is found principally in sulfide minerals of copper, iron, and is most common in chalcopyrite, bornite, and pyrite.

The extraction of rare specialty metals & chemical products from ore or residue is a complex process involving numerous hydro- and pyro-metallurgical treatments. Flotation concentrates are smelted to remove sulfur, iron, and other impurities. Treatment of 200 MTs of copper ore typically yields one pound of Tellurium. Selenium and Tellurium are considered as impurities in typical copper production and are separated in electrolytic copper refineries, where impure copper anodes are dissolved electrolytically and redeposited as high purity copper cathodes. The impurities, which include rare specialty metals and chemical products, either dissolve in the electrolyte, or settle as slimes to the bottom of the electrolytic cells. They are subsequently recovered through various extraction technologies and further refined into commercial product forms and compounds.

II-VI’s competencies in hydro-metallurgy and pyro-metallurgy include:

  • Acid/Alkaline Pressure Leaching
  • High Temperature Caustic Fusion
  • Solvent Extraction
  • Ion Exchange
  • Metal/Vacuum Distillation
  • Electro-winning
  • Waste-Water Treatment

Featured Technology


Using a combination of novel and proprietary technologies, II-VI is a well-recognized leader in the synthesis, characterization and large-scale production of these exotic materials.

The R&D facilities include a state-of-the-art materials characterization and analysis lab, featuring the latest generation of instrumentation and tools. In-plant analytical instrumentation includes:

  • Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP)
  • Wet/dry chemistry machines and tools

All testing, recording and analysis is performed in conformance with rigorous quality-controlled procedures, ensuring the accuracy of reported data. II-VI in the Philippines has received ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications for its quality and environmental management programs, respectively, and numerous recognitions from various government agencies and trade groups for its operational excellence.

Experienced II-VI chemists, engineers and metallurgists, diligently pursue the advancement of rare metal extraction and refinement technologies, and are able to respond to customer needs with best-in-class technical support and process/product development capabilities.

Specialized Scandium Refining Technologies

II-VI’s patent-pending selective ion recovery (SIR) enables the transformation of industrial waste streams into economical sources of scandium at 50% of the cost of conventional extractive metallurgy techniques and provides environmental benefits.


Specialized Recovery and Residue Recycling Services

II-VI offers specialized recovery and residue recycling services for high value elements such as As, Ge, Ga, Bi, W, Ta, PGMs and REEs.