Zero Pixel Shift (ZPS) Filters

Advances in fluorophores for fluorescence microscopy are driving the demand for ZPS filters, which enable multicolor composite images to be aligned to within one pixel of a microscope’s charged coupled device (CCD) camera. Leveraging its advanced coating capabilities, II-VI has developed a series of high quality filters that include excitation and emission filters, as well as dichroic beam splitters.


  • Optimized for fluorophores
    – Combined blocking of EX and EM filters achieves OD6
    – Filter matching maximizes excitation efficiency
  • Ultra-low optical wave-front Distortion
    – TWE < 1/10 wave PV per inch
    – Flatness < 1/2 wave PV per inch
    – Based on substrate thickness of 2 mm
    – Achieves high standard reflected image quality
  • Filter with low wedge
    – Substrate wedge < 1 arc sec
  • All-sputtered filter process
    – Precise filter design
    – High environmental stability
  • Zero Pixel Shift
    – Circle imaging shift < ±1 pixel when change cubes


  • Fluorescence imaging
  • Fluorescence microscopes


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