Thermoelectric Generator (TEG) Modules

II-VI’s TEG modules designed to output DC electrical power from a temperature differential. TEGs are used in a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.
Rugged, reliable, high-temperature, solid-state thermoelectric modules designed specifically for power generation applications


  • Maximum continuous operation up to 230C. 
  • MTBF’s exceeding +20 years depending on operating temperature


  • Commercially used in mosquito catchers,
  • Self-powered stove top fans
  • Self-powered stoves
  • Battery chargers
  • Other waste heat recovery and cogeneration applications.

Product Details


Product NameProduct ImageOptimum Power (W)Open Circuit Voltage (V)Power (W)Maximum Temp (C)TC (°C)Base Ceramic Length (mm)Base Ceramic Width (mm)Top Ceramic Width (mm)Height (mm)ACR (Ω) @ 27°CEfficiency (%)TH (°C)DatasheetsBuy Now
TG12-2.5-01LStg12-2.5-for-web2.719.562.712305034.0130303.944.47-5.695.02230Download DatasheetBuy Now
TG12-4-01LStg12-4-01ls4.059.454.052305034.0130303.332.76-3.414.97230Download DatasheetBuy Now
TG12-6-01Ltg12-4-01ls6.169.516.162305044.740.140.13.911.95-2.385.03230Download DatasheetBuy Now
TG12-8-01LStg12-8-01l7.959.437.952305044.740.140.13.531.36-1.694.97230Download DatasheetBuy Now