II-VI builds thermoelectrics that are ideal for use in PCR and other thermal cycling applications. Two thermocycling product lines, the extended life tec (XLT) series and life cycling cooler (LCC) series, are built with materials designed to withstand the stresses of thermal cycling. II-VI thermocyclers have been proven to last for 500,000+ cycles.


  • RoHS EU compliant
  • Solid-state reliability
  • Thermally uniform
  • Height and resistance matching for sets of TEMs
  • Precise temperature control for high repeatability


  • Life science: research and development
  • Clinical diagnostics: patient diagnosis and treatment
  • Pharmaceutical development
  • Physical therapy temperature controlled pads
  • Cosmetic surgery
  • Forensics science
  • Bio-security
  • Chemical analysis
  • Food, agriculture and environment


  • RoHS EU Compliant
  • Solid-state reliability
  • Thermally Uniform
  • Height and Resistance Matching for sets of TEMs
  • Precise temperature control for high repeatability

Product Details


Product NameImax 27°C (amps)Vmax 27°C (volts)ΔTmax N2 (27°C)Qmax 27°C (watts)Module Height (mm)Top Ceramic Length (mm)Top Ceramic Width (mm)Base Ceramic Length (mm)Base Ceramic Width (mm)Height (mm)ΔTN2 (50°C)ΔT Vacuum (27°C)ΔT Vacuum (50°C)DatasheetsBuy Now
LCC12-8-01LSlcc12-87.414.766713.944040404074Datasheet DownloadBuy Now
LCC12-8-16LSlcc12-87.414.766713.944040404074Datasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT2404-04ACXLT2404Datasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT2416-04ACxlt2386-07_xlt_2416_for_web14.73.65633.93.8125.425.428.725.463.5N/ADatasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT2418-04ACxlt241813.914.156.51272.3439.639.644.74064N/AN/ADatasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT2419-08ACxlt2419-08ac13.9856.5720.0929.629.434302.346400Datasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT2420-01LSXLT24205.614.459523.86404044.74067N/AN/ADatasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT2422-01LSxlt2422-01ls3.714.766363.333030343074N/AN/ADatasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT2423-31ACXLT2423197.758953.0550.235.854.436.466N/AN/ADatasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT2427-03ACXLT2427-03AC7.515.85376.572.416.276.716.82.6762Datasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT3-4-01LSxlt3-4-01ls3.73.66593.33161620.51673Datasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT3-8-01LSxlt3-8_17.43.56416.93.55202024.42072Datasheet DownloadBuy Now
XLT6-4-01LSxlt6-43.78.265203.3323.523.52823.573Datasheet DownloadBuy Now