Super Hard Materials Laser Processing System

II-VI designs, manufactures and markets laser cutting and micromachining laser systems for processing of all kinds of super hard materials (PCD, CVD diamond, PDC, PCBN, and ceramics). II-VI machines meet CE and US FDA safety regulations and can run continuously without operator attendance. More industrial leaders, small and medium superhard tool makers have chosen II-VI machines to increase production and lower material and labor cost.

II-VI super hard materials laser processing system is an efficient tool to cut, drill, and groove all kinds of super hard materials such as PCD, CVD and single crystal diamonds, PDC, PCBN, ceramics, etc. Compared with traditional EDM , II-VI laser systems can process non-conductive materials, are easy to program, and can start cuts from any location. Overall efficiency is 10-20 times greater than traditional EDM methods.

High Quality Laser Beam
We use YAG rods and mirrors manufactured by II-VI subsidiaries. Through continuous improvement and optimization, our beam quality enables high cutting speed and accuracy, low kerf width and straight profile.

Laser Head Accurate and Flexible
The laser head is the key part for delivering the laser beam to the work piece. Recent improvements have produced a rigid and easy tilt laser head.

  • High resolution motion of 1um
  • Precision swivel angle with 1 degree locked increments within 55° range
  • High quality beam delivery
  • SOX coaxial CCD video, 60mm Z axis travel range

Linear Motor Stages Fast and Precise
We use modern linear motor stages with a 0.1um resolution encoder. The motion is closed loop controlled, which guarantees 1um repeatability. Unlike step motor stages, the linear motor stage does not have lead screws, so there is no backlash.

  • High precision, high jog speed up to 3000mm /min or more.
  • No lead screw, no wear and no backlash

Fixtures High Consistency and Productivity
Our holding fixtures for cutting, drilling and chamfering help users to achieve high productivity. Two major kinds of fixtures can hold various sizes of round disks, die blanks, or preassembled parts in a flat plate.

Super Hard Materials Laser Processing System Brochure



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