Standard Assemblies

II-VI’s Standard Assemblies are used in many markets and industries. Regardless of where the Assembly is used, whether in a Telecom application or an Industrial application, the “Core” is at the heart of the Assembly.

The Core provides the heating/cooling operation for the overall system design. 

The Core is typically comprised of the following components:

  • Thermoelectric Devices – The Devices may be selected from II-VI standard products or a custom device can be designed providing optimized system level performance.
  • Heat/Cold Sinks – Custom designed extruded and/or skived exchangers are employed.
  • Thermistors/RTDs – Temperature sensing provides the system control and safety. These may be II-VI Marlow standard sensors or customer specified.
  • Wiring Harnesses – II-VI offers many options for customizing the wiring harnesses, including custom lengths, terminations/connections and UL/CE rated cables and wires.
  • Sealant – The Thermoelectric Devices within the Core may be sealed to protect against moisture ingress. Depending on the application, the perimeter of the Core may also have a water vapor seal and hermetic/semi-hermetic wire feed-throughs.

The Core may be enclosed within custom-designed, injection molded plastics or metal (aluminum, painted steel or stainless steel). Air movers (axial fans and blowers) and pumps (open impeller, brushless DC, AC) may be added, resulting in an “Engine”. Engines are typically designed in close cooperation with a Customer for specific applications.

II-VI also offers the option of System control; control features may be added to a Standard Assembly or may be a component of a custom-designed assembly. As the System may be operated in either the cooling or heating mode, control hardware can be designed to provide cooling only, or both cooling and heating. II-VI has extensive experience with Firmware design, providing System control and integration (including data collection as well as customer-defined user interface).

II-VI provides design expertise to assist in the selection of a Standard Assembly, the modification of a Standard Assembly, or the design of a custom Assembly. With global design resources, global sourcing of materials, and an off-shore manufacturing location, II-VI offers both standard and custom Assemblies competitively.