Reaction Bonded SiC

II-VI’s SiC-based composites offer a broad range of solutions:

  • Superior flatness capabilities – We are able to provide the semiconductor industry superior flatness capabilities that allow our customer’s tools to meet the decreasing dimensions required for the electrical circuits that power our lives.
  • Size and shape flexibility – II-VI’s advanced forming techniques allow for the manufacture of large, complex shapes with minimal or no machining. Components measuring up to 60” x 60” and weighing 1000 lbs have been produced. Typical products include, but are not limited to, burner nozzles, conical diffusers, coal deflectors, jet mill liners, and burner elbows.
  • Infiltration depth – Our reaction-bonding process can fully infiltrate components as thick as 6”, allowing a greater volume of wear material for harsh environments.
  • Reduced weight – Silicon Carbide components will be significantly lighter than the carbide, ceramic, or metal parts they will be replacing, easing installation and reducing downtime.

Material Flexibility

II-VI is pleased to offer multiple core material options within the reaction-bonded ceramic family.  Additionally, our well staffed R&D group have the ability to tailor compositions to meet the most demanding application needs. We have won several R&D awards over the years for our innovative products.

Flow-through channels – In addition to material technology, II-VI has expert process knowledge including the unique ability to create internal flow-through channels.  This is ideal for air/vacuum distribution applications, as well as thermal management control in high heat applications such as high energy lasers, semi-conductor processes, or heat-exchangers.

(Fine Grained SiSiC)(Si/SiC+Al)(Si/SiC + Ti)(B4C/SiC/Si)
Poisson’s Ratio0.
Young’s Modulus (GPa) [E]350380410330330390400
CTE, 20-100ºC (ppm/K) [α]
Thermal Cond. (W/m-K) [k]17018019015020021052
SpecificHeat (J/kg-K)680670660680700670890
Ult. Tensile Strength (MPa)N/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Flexural Strength (MPa)270280280350275225280
Fracture Toughness (Mpa-m1/2)4444555
Damping Factor (% Zeta)0.12
Specific Stiffness (E/ρ)119127131112109125156
Thermal Stability (k/α)59627050457011




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