Fluorescence Filters

II-VI offers a full range of fluorescence filters manufactured with high performance optical coatings. II-VI leverages a high energy reactive magnetron sputtering technique known as Advanced Energetic Deposition (AED) to enable hard coatings with superior performance.

A select list of filters and the associated fluorophores is show in the flowing table.

Fluorophores Exciter Center λ Exciter Bandwidth Emitter Center λ Emitter Bandwidth
DAPI, Hoechst, Alexa Flour 355 375nm 50nm 438nm 30nm
Alexa Flour 405 395nm 26nm 438nm 30nm
CFP 448nm 56nm 498nm 36nm
GFP 463nm 22nm 516nm 28nm
5-FAM,FITC, Alexa Fluor 488 488nm 18nm 516nm 28nm
YFP 509nm 18nm 548nm 17nm
6-JOE 518nm 28nm 560nm 28nm
HEX, Alexa Fluor 532 530nm 20nm 560nm 28nm
Rhodamine, TRITC, Alexas
Flour 546&555, Cy5TM
540nm 9nm 583nm 28nm
5-ROX 581nm 18nm 616nm 32nm
Texas Red 587nm 20nm 616nm 32nm
Alexa Flour 633 615nm 17nm 645nm 20nm
Alexa Flour 647 641nm 30nm 670nm 20nm
Cy5TM 641nm 20nm 708nm 95nm
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