Multi-Stage TEC (Thermoelectric Coolers)

II-VI’s multi-stage thermoelectric coolers (TECs) are designed for medium to high heat pumping capacity requirements. Single-stage coolers can only obtain a ΔTmax of around +70°C.  II-VI Marlow builds multi-stage thermoelectrics with as many as five additional levels or “stages”. Each additional stage allows for higher heat pumping capability and allows the thermoelectric to achieve a higher ΔT. The multistage cooler line offers superior cooling capabilities over single stage coolers while maintaining their solid-state benefits.


  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Medical
  • Consumer
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Oil, Gas, & Mining


  • ROHS EU Compliant
  • Higher heat pumping capability than single stage
  • Solid state reliability
  • Localized, spot cooling & precision temperature control
  • Operation in any orientation, zero gravity, and/or high G levels
  • High resistance to shock and/or vibration
  • No acoustical or electrical noise

Product Details


Product NameNumber of stagesImax 27°C (amps)Vmax 27°C (volts)Qmax 27°C (watts)ΔT Vacuum (27°C)Module Height (mm)Top Ceramic Length (mm)Top Ceramic Width (mm)Base Ceramic Length (mm)Base Ceramic Width (mm)DatasheetsBuy Now
NL2011T-01ACnl2011t-01ac (1) DatasheetBuy Now
NL2012T-01ACnl2011t-01ac221.25.42.4863.766.68.89.911Download DatasheetBuy Now
NL2021T-01ACnl2021t-03ac21.420.9903.78446.66.6Download DatasheetBuy Now
NL2022T-01ACnl2022t21.40.80.4893.783.23.244Download DatasheetBuy Now
NL2063T-01ABnl2063t24.68.213.4865.9419.619.629.629.7Download DatasheetBuy Now
NL2064T-11ABnl2064t25.48.610.41016.1131329.629.7Download DatasheetBuy Now
NL2070-01ACNC2060-01AC27.215.54588840404040Download DatasheetBuy Now
NL2076NL20762-327.215.544.687740404040Download DatasheetBuy Now
NL3021T-01ACnl3021t31.31.90.31105.382. DatasheetBuy Now
NL3026T-01ACnl3026t-01ac31.33.40.61095.944. DatasheetBuy Now
NL3040-01BCnl3040-edited34.57.35.611010.8138.628.321.7Download DatasheetBuy Now
NL4040-04BCnl4040446.82.714.110.86.428.321.7Download DatasheetBuy Now
SP2394-07ABSP2394-07AB45.18.54.51308.6910.86.428.321.7Download DatasheetBuy Now
SP2402-01ABsp2402-01ab35.38.98.71156.7312.988.628.2721.7Download DatasheetBuy Now