Laser light cables

High-power fiber optic cables must meet the most demanding requirements in order to achieve more power, higher efficiency and shorter cycle times in laser material processing systems. The key is best beam quality preservation, high transmission and low weight. These requirements have been the basis for II-VI Laser Light Cables and makes them first choice for 1 micron laser sources including fiber lasers, disc lasers, and diode lasers.

II-VI Laser Light Cables guide the light to the processing head with almost no power or beam quality loss, and include the ability to withstand unwanted radiation. Furthermore, they are robust for high accelerations and enable maximum process speed and precision for highly dynamic applications.

With their advanced connectors they are ideal for diverse industrial applications. The QBH-compatible connector, the LLK-Q, meets the demanding requirements for use in cutting machines. The connector LLK-Auto is used as an automotive standard-compliant variant for many applications and laser types. The Laser Light Cable portfolio also includes our legacy connectors LLK-Auto-AR, LLK-Auto-NR and LLK-HP.

Optical characteristics
Focusing on multimode beam quality, II-VI Laser Light Cables come with core diameters from 30 μm to 2000 μm. Due to their innovative and compact design, they offer protection against back reflection and misalignment of the laser source. For maximum laser efficiency, all AR connector types are equipped with anti-reflection coated end caps. These high-performance coatings are designed for high beam intensities and reduce Fresnel losses at the fiber tip to a minimum. Specific optical materials and splice technologies also contribute to best beam quality preservation, high transmission and hence a more efficient laser process.

Mechanical characteristics
Micrometer precision in every detail offers Plug-&-Play capability through pre-alignment. This permits replacement without the need to realign. Flexible protective hoses guarantee process stability over millions of operating cycles.

Electric characteristics
A monitoring system for fiber breakage, temperature and plug-in control is a standard feature for II-VI Laser Light Cables. Integrated scattered light sensors on the input and/or output connector side are available as an option.

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