Fluorescence Filters

II-VI is a leading photonics designer and vertically integrated manufacturer of optical, laser, and thermal components and subassemblies for the Life Sciences. II-VI offers high-quality precision optics, optical subassemblies, design and engineering services, as well as prototype-to-volume manufacturing across the optical spectrum ranging from UV to VIS to NIR to IR. II-VI has a diversified footprint comprising over 100 coating machines around the globe, allowing for rapid manufacturing response, when and where you need it.

Coating Technology
II-VI has a variety of versatile coating technologies, including magnetron sputtering (MS) and ion beam sputtering(IBS), as well as our in-house-developed proprietary coating chambers. Our hard filter coatings are extremely durable and reliable for the high-performance demands of life sciences instrumentation.

Coating Machines

  • Extensive coating tech: magnetron sputtering (MS), ion beam sputtering (IBS), ion-assisted deposition (IAD),and electron beam evaporation (EB)
  • Over 100+ coating chambers worldwide

Engineering Support and Design Expertise

  • Experienced coating engineering teams for application specific design optimization
  • Custom designs for uniformity and precision wavelength control
  • Custom prototyping support

Filter Types
Coating/Filter Types

  • Bandpass filters
  • Shortpass and longpass filters
  • Dichroic and polychroic filters
  • Notch filters
  • Multiband filters
  • Narrow laser line filters


Filter Design and Capability

Coating Capability

Size 2-250 mm
Substrate Material All Glass Types
Spectral Range 340nm-10um
Edge Steepness (T 50%-OD>4) <0.5%
Spectral Edge Tolerance <0.5% Deviation, <0.15% Special Case
Blocking >OD6, Measured Limit: OD7
Neutral Density Tolerance OD +/-5%
CWL +/- 2nm, +/-0.5nm for ideal case life science filters
Bandwith Down to 2 nm
Transmission Typical>95%
Reflection 0.1-99.95%
Polarization Ratio (S:P) 10000:1
LDT Up to 20 J/cm2 @ 20ns Pulse Rate, 30 J/cm2@10ns Pulse Rate in ideal case
Durability MIL-STD-810:10 Day Humidity, MIL-C-48497A

Optimized for your specific application and fluorophore, II-VI will work with your team to design a perfectly matched filter set. All excitation, emission, and dichroic filters are hard coated to provide precise wavelength control, industry leading transmission, extremely steep edges and exceptional blocking. Our blocking and transmission pairs are engineered to provide excellent contrast, even in very low light applications. Also, if you need an exact size, ring mount, or edge treatment, we are happy to provide a custom solution.
Fluorescence Filter Set Design



Bandpass Filters

Shortpass and Longpass Filters

Notch Filters

Dichroic and Polychroic Filters

Multi-Band Filters

Narrow Laser Line Filters

All curves shown above are from actual measured data.

Fluorescence Filters for Life Sciences Applications



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