Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) Flat Lenses and Lenslet Arrays

II-VI provides Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) for demanding industrial and consumer applications. DOEs are lithographically patterned and offer complete phase control of transmitted light without limitations imposed by refractive optics. A micron-thick active phase-transforming layer is directly etched into chemically inert dielectrics on robust fused silicasubstrate. An organics-free material platform is characterized by excellent reliability and can withstand harsh environmental conditions, high optical power and temperatures up to 500°C. II-VI DOEs undergo extensive quality assurance, have a proven reliability track record and are competitively priced.
Fabrication is based on robust deep ultraviolet (DUV) photolithography and a reactive ion etch process. Wafer-scale DOE optics are mass- produced using robust volume fabrication methods of the electronic IC industry and is easily scalable to multiple millions of micro-optical devices per year.

Key Features:

  • Mapping of input beam to a desired output phase front using a designed phase transformation function
  • Multiple phase transformation functions may be combined in a single surface
  • Phase levels are rendered continuously from 0 to 2π
  • Micron-thick active layer
  • Etched directly into robust fused silica substrate and hard oxide films, no organics or polymers
  • Wafer-scale mass production
  • Withstand temperatures up to 500° C
  • High power handling up to 125 GW/cm2
  • Excellent long-term reliability


  • Pattern generators and optical engines for 3D sensing
    (cell phones, consumer electronics, autonomous vehicles)
  • Micro-optic lenses and arrays for transceivers

Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) Flat Lenses and Lenslet Arrays



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