II-VI Marlow’s Climatherm (CTA) air-to-air assemblies offer a durable solution to protect electronics under extreme conditions. They are designed with cooling performance up to 250 W in a lightweight, compact package. The Climatherm assembly cores implement Marlow’s innovative thermoelectric technology, optimized for high performance and reliability.


  • RoHS EU Compliant
  • Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Solid-state Construction
  • High Efficiency Heat Transfer
  • Advanced Heat Sink Design
  • IP55 Rated Fans
  • No CFC Refrigerants
  • DC Powered
  • Maintenance-free


  • Electronic Enclosure Cooling
  • Food & Beverage Storage
  • Back-up Battery System Cabinet Cooling
  • Analytical & Diagnostic Instrumentation
  • Industrial Precision Cooling Applications

Product Details


Product NameProduct ImageHeight (mm)Base Length (mm)Base Width (mm)Cooling CapacityCurrentVoltage (VCD)Voltage Range (VDC)Wiring LocationDatasheetsBuy Now
CTA230-0001-01ct300_series_2.final_color_output_134x84_trans13523012072 Watts81214-28ExternalDownload DatasheetBuy Now
CTA230-0001-03ct300_series_2.final_color_output_134x84_trans13523012072 Watts42414-28ExternalDownload DatasheetBuy Now
CTA300-0001-01ct300_series_2.final_color_output_134x84_trans157300150132 Watts82414-28ExternalDownload DatasheetBuy Now
CTA305-0001-01ct300_series_2.final_color_output_134x84_trans162300180141 Watts82414-28ExternalDownload DatasheetBuy Now
CTA400-0001-01ct300_series_2.final_color_output_134x84_trans174400180246 Watts142414-28ExternalDownload DatasheetBuy Now