1µm Cover Slides

II-VI now offers cover slides for your Fiber and YAG lasers. These optics are also known as cover glass, debris window, debris shield, and protective window and are available in various shapes and sizes. Cover slides can, at a fraction of the cost, substantially increase the lifetime of expensive lenses. II-VI can also provide nozzles and lenses for your Fiber and YAG lasers.

Material Fused Silica UV grade, Fused Quartz
Surface Quality 20/10, 10/5
Transmitted Wavefront < 3 waves @ 632.8nm
Diameter tolerance +0/-0.127mm
Edge Thickness tolerance +/- 0.2mm
Clear Aperture 90% of central diameter
Reflection at 1064nm, 1070nm, or 1080nm <0.2%R/surface
Damage Threshold >15J/cm2, 10ns

Cover Slides



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