High Reflector Dielectric Coatings for 1μm

II-VI introduces all-dielectric high reflectivity coatings on custom diamond-turned metal mirrors for 1µm applications. By combining industry leading diamond-turning capabilities for producing ultra-precision machined metal components with state-of-the-art coating technology for high laser damage threshold coatings, II-VI is your single source solution for custom beam-shaping optics for high power cutting and welding applications.


  • All-dielectric coating design utilizing IBS technology for fiber and direct diode laser applications
  • Many advantages of metal mirror substrates over fused silica including:
    - Internal water-cooling channels
    - Diamond-turned freeform surfaces
    - Deformable (variable radius) surfaces
  • Post polishing capabilities for diffraction-free mirrors with λ/10 flatness or lower and roughness as low as 10Å RMS in some applications


Substrate Materials: Cu, Al, Brass-plated AI
Substrate Diameter: Up to 300 mm
Spectral Region*: 1030 – 1070 nm
Reflectivity (per surface)*:  ≥99.7% @ 1030-1070 nm, ≥80% @ 600-700 nm, AOI: 0° or 45° R-pol
Laser Damage Threshold (Cu): ≥200 MW/cm² CW
Environmental Performance (per MIL-C-48497): Humidity, Moderate Abrasion, Temperature

* Custom coating designs available upon request

Materials Processing, High Power 1μm Laser Processing, Diamond-Turned Specialty Optics, Mirrors, INFRARED

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