Optical Monitoring Modules

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer – Dual Port XFP Pluggable OTDR

II-VI’s dual port pluggable OTDR, with a compact XFP interface, monitors the integrity of two fibers with advanced digital processing algorithms that enable data analysis in real time. This OTDR achieves wide dynamic range and high spatial resolution using very low optical power. The product is ideal for embedded applications in next-generation networks, especially where high power Raman amplification is used.


  • Dual-port
  • Pluggable XFP
  • High spectral resolution
  • Low optical power consumption


  • Metro, regional and long-Haul networks
  • Data centers
  • Centralized control planes
  • Raman amplified systems
Communications, ROADM Systems, Optical Monitoring Modules, OPTICAL COMMUNICATIONS

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