Optical Monitoring Modules

Optical Channel Monitors – OCM Series

The OCM Series of optical channel monitors are ideal for high-capacity multi-degree ROADM applications. They can be configured via software commands to operate in scanning or dwelling mode. In scanning mode, the OCM performs flexible-bandwidth channel monitoring function with fine frequency granularity using an integrated frequency reference. The rich set of spectral data resulting from one measurement is transferred over a high-speed serial peripheral interface (SPI) to virtually eliminate measurement latency. In dwelling mode, the OCM 2580 provides access to a high bandwidth photocurrent signal to enable advanced signal analysis on a selected channel.


  • 10G/40G/100G/400G/1T signals
  • Flex-BW for flexible grid applications
  • Full C- or L-band scanning range
  • Wide channel power divergence
  • Fast response time
  • Dual-mode: scanning & dwelling
  • Access to photodiode response in dwell mode


  • ROADM/OADM equalization
  • Smart amplifier gain equalization
  • Self-managed Mux control
  • Power threshold crossing alarms
  • Remote power monitoring & control
  • Automated provisioning & maintenance
  • Wavelength tagging
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