Optical Line Subsystems

Bi-Directional Optical Line Subsystem

The Bi-Directional Optical Line Subsystem (Bi-Di OLS) platform is a scalable, cost effective and power efficient solution for datacenter interconnects (DCI).  The platform is optimized for direct-detect DWDM transceivers but can also be configured for coherent transceivers. II-VI’s OLS enables data center operators to achieve a combined transmission rate of up to 4 Tb/s over a 25 km reach, in a compact one rack unit (1RU) form factor, over only one fiber, which maximizes fiber utilization efficiency. 

The Bi-Di OLS leverages II-VI’s broad portfolio of products, including multiport mux/demux filters, amplifiers, circulators and monitoring modules, to achieve a highly vertically integrated and cost efficient solution.

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