Dual Bandpass Filters

Dual bandpass filters enable next generation smartphone manufacturers to reduce cost by integrating hardware functions such as digital photography and 3D sensing into one camera. II-VI’s dual bandpass filters provide high transmission simultaneously in the visible wavelength range for digital photography and in the near-infrared wavelength range for laser-based 3D sensing.  


  • Dual bandpass for both visible range and 850nm or 940nm
  • >90% average transmission at both wavelengths at AOI 0-30degree
  • >OD2 Blocking
  • Custom wavelength available

Typical specs for Vis&850nm

AOI = 0deg:
Tabs > 90%, Tavg > 93% at 440nm to 635nm
Tabs > 90%, Tavg > 93% at 845nm to 900nm
Tabs < 1% at 675nm to 795nm
Tabs < 1% at 960nm to 1100nm

AOI = 30deg:
Tabs > 80%, Tavg > 93% at 440nm to 602nm
Tabs > 90%, Tavg > 93% at 845nm to 855nm


  • 3D Sensing
  • Face biometrics



Consumer Electronics, 3D Sensing in Biometrics, Optical Filters, PHOTOP

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