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Feb 4, 2019

Photonics United
Eight voices from the industry – accompanying the premiere issue of PhotonicsViews

The past years have seen numerous mergers & acquisitions of industry leaders and/or hidden champions or start-ups. Often this results in an extended technological portfolio of the joint enterprise, or creating a new business area, respectively. That way, companies that might have been optics or laser technology enterprises, now emerge into a broader sense photonics company.
News link : Photonics Views, 1/2019

New from II-VI Highyag: HIGHmotion 2D remote laser welding head and next generation BIMO-FSC laser cutting head

The HIGHmotion 2D is a remote laser welding head optimized to produce high quality and highly reliable aluminum on aluminum welds for batteries used in electric vehicles. A next generation 1 μm laser cutting head brings flat-sheet laser cutting application to the next level: The new BIMO-FSC features a completely reengineered motorized zoom optics to cut a broad range of material types and thicknesses even faster.
News link : Photonics Views, 1/2019

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