Letter to the Community from the CEO

Mar 25, 2020

Dear Members of our Community,

At II-VI Incorporated, we recognize that the situation we face today with COVID-19 is beyond anything any one of us has ever seen. I would like to sincerely wish you, your families, and loved ones a safe and healthy passage through these trying times.

II-VI operates in over 60 locations in 18 countries. To get through this period of uncertainty, we have implemented plans, policies, and procedures to help safeguard the health and safety of our employees and the hygiene and security of our facilities in the communities around the world where we work and live.

You may be interested to know that II-VI plays a key role in the supply chain for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) genetic sequencing instruments that are helping to determine the outcome of patient testing for COVID-19. II-VI is a global leader in delivering thermal and optical components to the leading providers of these instruments. We are proud of our employees around the world for their tireless dedication to the life sciences efforts organized to overcome COVID-19.

We are leveraging our values: I CARE—Integrity, Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, and Enthusiasm—as the bedrock principles upon which we will weather this crisis together with all our stakeholders in all our communities. We remain driven by one guiding purpose: enabling the world to be safer, healthier, closer, and more efficient.


Chuck Mattera
Chief Executive Officer

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