II-VI Incorporated’s 25 Gbps Wavelength-Tunable Transceivers for 5G Fronthaul Earn 2020 Lightwave Innovation Reviews High Score

Mar 4, 2020

II‐VI Incorporated (Nasdaq: IIVI), a leading provider of components and modules for the 5G optical access infrastructure, today announced that it will be honored for its 25 Gbps wavelength-tunable transceivers at the 2020 Lightwave Innovation Reviews awards reception to be held on March 9, 2020, at OFC.

The global deployment of 5G wireless is accelerating the transition from 10 Gbps to 25 Gbps transmission in fronthaul links and driving the demand for innovative solutions where capacity is constrained by the scarcity of fiber. II-VI’s 25 Gbps wavelength-tunable transceivers meet the CPRI 10 standard for 25 Gbps fronthaul links, in a standard SFP28 pluggable form factor and over the full industrial temperature range. The transceivers support dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) across the C-band, dramatically increasing transmission capacity per fiber, thus virtually eliminating capacity constraints due to fiber scarcity. II-VI’s patented Flextune™ embedded configuration protocol enables transceiver pairs across a given link to self-configure to a common wavelength channel.

“We are delighted to receive this recognition from Lightwave Innovation Reviews for our 25 Gbps wavelength-tunable transceivers,” said Matthias Berger, Vice President, Coherent Optics Business Unit. “This differentiated product combines a monolithically integrated indium phosphide tunable laser and modulator with software intelligence in a standard pluggable transceiver module, offering a vastly more cost-effective alternative to pulling fiber, with a product that’s just as easy to deploy as any standard pluggable transceiver.”

The 25 Gbps wavelength-tunable transceivers support an optical budget of up to 18 dB with a link reach of up to 15 km. These transceivers are available for sampling and will be generally available in the second half of calendar year 2020.

II-VI at OFC 2020, March 10-12, Booth #3214

II-VI will showcase at OFC 2020 new products that make possible the 5G optical access and transport infrastructure, hyperscale datacenters, and LiDAR. These innovations enable communications networks to instantly ferry information across large distances and allow hyperscale datacenters to rapidly compile and analyze massive amounts of data. These capabilities will help bring to market new high-bandwidth and low-latency applications such as autonomous driving, telemedicine, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence, transforming a broad range of industries as well as our daily lives.

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