II‐VI Incorporated (Nasdaq:IIVI), a global leader in optical components and modules for undersea networks, today announced that it won its first orders for its wavelength selective switch (WSS), the LightFlow™ Flexband WSS, which will be deployed in next generation undersea networks.

Cloud service providers are driving the demand for next generation undersea networks with embedded WSS modules that can dynamically allocate bandwidth or rapidly reroute communication between datacenters on separate continents. The ultra-high reliability of II-VI’s liquid crystal based WSS modules has been demonstrated with more than a decade of high volume deployments in terrestrial networks. II-VI’s liquid crystal technology now enables low port count WSS modules to be deployed at branching points in undersea networks.  

“Dynamic re-configurability has become a requirement in a growing number of planned undersea networks to increase their flexibility and resiliency,” said Dr. Jim Yuan, General Manager, II-VI WSS Division. “This new opportunity in undersea networks comes on top of the recently increased demand for our WSS products in terrestrial networks, which we expect will remain strong, driven primarily by the rapid ramp up of ROADM deployments in China.”

The Flexband WSS will add to II-VI’s portfolio of products deployed in undersea networks including pump lasers, filters and detectors. II-VI’s undersea pump laser product line, in particular, is world renowned for its high reliability and is uniquely qualified to operate for decades on the ocean floor.

II-VI at OFC, Mar. 5-7, 2019, Booth #4312

Applications such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning promise to be transformative across a broad range of industries. They are enabled by advanced technologies such as sensors that map their surroundings in three dimensions, communications networks that instantly ferry a vast amount of data across large distances and hyperscale datacenters that rapidly compile and analyze massive amounts of data. II-VI will showcase at OFC new products that enable the 5G optical infrastructure, hyperscale datacenters, 3D sensing and LiDAR to name a few. Stop by II-VI’s booth and discover what II-VI can do for you.

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