II-VI Incorporated Introduces Laser Lapping System for Diamond and Superhard Materials Processing

Aug 20, 2020

II-VI Incorporated (Nasdaq: IIVI), a leading provider of laser technologies for materials processing, today announced the introduction of its L45 laser lapping system for processing superhard materials such as polycrystalline diamond (PCD), polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC), synthetic diamond, and reaction-bonded ceramics.

The rapid growth of industrial products made with superhard materials is driving the demand for efficient surface finishing methods developed for diamond-based materials. II-VI’s new L45 laser lapping system, with its patent pending process, is a more efficient alternative to existing electrical discharge machining (EDM) methods for diamond-based materials, especially as diamond content continues to increase, causing electrical conductivity to decrease, which is less favorable to EDM processes.

“We estimate the overall efficiency of our L45 laser lapping system to be as much as twice that of EDM systems, producing finished product with fewer defects and operating with less consumables,” said Dr. Karlheinz Gulden, Senior Vice President, Laser Devices and Systems Business Unit. “Such superior efficiency combined with the system’s environmentally friendly operation make the L45 laser lapping system a compelling solution for manufacturers of products made with superhard materials.”

The L45 laser lapping system is easy to program through an intuitive graphical user interface and can run continuously unattended. The system meets CE and U.S. FDA safety regulations.

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