II-VI Incorporated (NASDAQ:IIVI), a leading provider of solutions for optical networks, today announced the introduction of its Bi-Directional Optical Line Subsystem (Bi-Di OLS) platform for datacenter interconnects (DCI).  The platform is optimized for direct-detect DWDM transceivers, including the new COLORZ-Lite™ 100G PAM4 based on the COLORZ® silicon photonics platform from Inphi Corporation (NYSE:IPHI).

Cloud service providers require increasingly scalable, cost effective and power efficient solutions to meet the rapidly growing demand for DCI.  II-VI’s previously announced OLS, together with COLORZ-Lite data streams, enable data center operators to achieve a combined transmission rate of up to 4 Tb/s over a 25 km reach, in a compact one rack unit (1RU) form factor, over a pair of fibers.  The new Bi-Di OLS operates over only one fiber, which doubles fiber utilization efficiency.  

“Our Bi-Di OLS leverages II-VI’s broad portfolio of products, including multiport mux/demux filters, amplifiers, circulators and monitoring modules, to achieve a highly vertically integrated and cost efficient solution,” said Dr. Sanjai Parthasarathi, Vice President, Product Marketing and Strategy, Optical Communications Group. “Inphi’s COLORZ-Lite direct detect transceivers are a perfect complement to the Bi-Di OLS.”

“Inphi has been deploying COLORZ at scale for Data Center Interconnects and we are now pleased to extend our capabilities for bi-directional single fiber applications,” commented Dr. Loi Nguyen, founder, SVP, Optical Interconnect, Inphi. “COLORZ 100G DWDM technology continues to enable cloud network operators to reduce their total cost of ownership.”

The II-VI Bi-Di OLS and the COLORZ-Lite™ 100G PAM4 platforms will be jointly demonstrated at OFC 2018 at II-VI’s booth #2313.

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