Multimode Pump Laser Diodes for DPSS Lasers

HCS Series

Collimated 808nm, up to 80W High Power Laser Diode Bar on Housed Passive Cu Block Cooler

The II-VI HCS series of collimated diode laser bars offer superior optical beam parameters with a low cost of ownership, plus easy installation and system integration.

Collimated in the fast axis, and located precisely inside a sealed housing, the HCS diode lasers provide efficient coupling into end-user optics. Narrow beam divergence and small spot size also contribute to more efficient coupling.

For more application flexibility, HCS series products are available with 50 W, 60 W and 80 W CW output powers. The HCS 808 nm diode laser bar has a fast-axis collimated beam, low divergence, Gaussian beam profile, and narrow beam waist. The fast-axis beam profile allows users to easily image the beam for printing optics. The combination of beam profile and spot size allows efficient integration into printing equipment. A narrow beam waist enables broader depth of focus needed for imaging applications. The watertight package for the 50 W and 60 W HCS collimated diode laser bar enables operation in a highhumidity environment.

Designed and built to meet specific customer requirements, HCS diode lasers are built on the field-proven OPC heatsink platform that has demonstrated high reliability in thousands of hours of customer use.


  • Collimated solid-state laser pumping
  • Printing / Reprographics
  • Medical / Life and health sciences
  • Direct applications such as material processing (plastics welding, heat treatment, etc.)


  • Up to 80 W of fast-axis collimated power for high throughput in printing / reprographics applications
  • Sealed housing protects the 50W & 60W and a dust cover and window the 80W diode for long life and reliability
  • Passively cooled for compact, cost-effective print products and small form factors for medical products
  • Up to 80 W collimated power available in fast axis for high printing throughput
  • Multiple wavelength ranges available from 790 nm to 830 nm enables use in a variety of applications
  • Expected lifetime >10,000 hours
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