Missiles & Ordnance

Missiles & Ordnance

II-VI is a leading domain expert in custom designed optical products for line of sight, guided radar & laser, hypersonic and long range defense systems. II-VI has delivered tens of thousands of guided missile domes that feature our proprietary optical designs and engineered materials. We are a leading supplier of ZnS multi-spectral for broadband windows, domes and related assemblies.

Through collaborative development programs, II-VI is leading advanced development for the next generation of hypersonic radome solutions to ensure overmatch in missiles and ordnance applications. Our custom imaging lenses, such as our leading edge 14.5x mid-wave infrared (MWIR) zoom lenses, enable advanced acquisition and tracking systems.

II-VI manufactures and delivers complex high-performance engineered systems for a wide variety of exacting customer requirements. Leveraging our expertise in engineered materials and our vast experience in design for manufacturability, we work closely with our customers to develop high precision optical solutions that achieve world-class performance.

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