COGENTUM™ technology provides equipment designers with unparalleled flexibility to improve Semiconductor equipment performance and meet the challenges of advanced Integrated circuit processing and packaging technologies.

Incorporating II-VI’s engineered materials expertise and advanced processing methods the Cogentum product family represents the next step forward in technology and expands our portfolio of product solutions for high performance machine design.

“As the Semiconductor Industry continues its pursuit of Moore’s Law, increased emphasis is placed on traditional and advanced back end of line processing equipment to produce integrated device packages with smaller form factors, greater complexity and improved energy efficiency. The COGENTUM™ product family of advanced materials supports the industry by enabling higher throughput, enhancing stability and precision, and delivering lower cost of ownership to manufacturers of advanced back end IC manufacturing equipment.”

“We are very pleased to introduce CogentuM™ as the latest addition to our existing portfolio of advanced products,” added II-VI M Cubed Technologies General Manager, Brian Monti. “Leveraging our expertise in front end IC manufacturing equipment with our global manufacturing base, COGENTUM™ technology is well positioned to meet the equipment challenges of the emerging high growth market for advanced back end IC processing systems”

COGENTUM™ products are currently available in a wide range of customer specified configurations.

Semiconductor Equipment, BEOL Dicing Packaging & Test, MEOL Photolithography, Metal Matrix Composite, M CUBED

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