Metal Matrix Composites

Metal Matrix Composites

M Cubed manufactures metal matrix composites using unique, patented forming techniques. MMCs have been used for years in applications that require high stiffness and low density, essentially approaching the stiffness of steel while maintaining the density of aluminum. These materials offer high thermal conductivity and tailorable coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE).. Precision equipment components, thermal management base plates, mirrors, optical housings, armor, brake rotors, connecting rods, and pistons are just a few of the applications where MMCs have been successful.

Breakthrough technology
M Cubed maintains process capabilities that allow highly-loaded MMCs into large structures, without using expensive forming processes. For precision equipment applications, we currently cast structures over 2 meters by 2 meters. Our ability to cast complex structures to tight dimensional tolerances also allows final machining to be minimized.

From a ballistic standpoint, MMCs are attractive because they can be made to more than double the thickness of steel while maintaining the same areal density. MMCs also have a very high hardness, a property which can be tailored by adjusting the type and amount of ceramic reinforcement.
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