Lasers for Fluorescence Spectroscopy


In support of our products for different applications, II-VI has invested a world class coating and metrology facility, which includes Vecco IBS, Leybold and Optorun IAD/EB, Internally-designed MS, and other domestic coating machine. Teamed with the coating engineers in Fuzhou, Guanghzou, Santa Rosa, and Florida, II-VI can provide anti-reflective, high reflective, partial reflective, mirror, beam splitter, and filter coatings for applications including Telecom, Industrial Laser, Life Science and Instrumentation with wavelength range from deep UV to NIR.

Advanced Coating Center

II-VI Advanced Coating Center located in Santa Rosa, CA designs and manufactures high performance optical coatings for telecom, industrial, and life science applications. With the use of our advanced coating chambers, our state-of-art automated production facility, and our world class thin film design engineering team, Photop Advanced Coating Center can provide the coating solution you need. 

• Standard AR, HR, Mirror, PBS coating
• Deep UV coating from 120nm
• High reliability filter coating
• High-end non-polarization beamsplitter (NPBS) coating
• High energy laser optical coating for wavelength range of UV to NIR

IAD EB Coating

lon-assisted deposition (IAD) is the technique that while the film is being deposited, one beam of ions bombard the substrate. EB is the electron beam gun deposition technique. Compare to IBS and MS technologies, IAD/EB coating is less stress, low absorption and less dense, but is suitable for high volume production.

IBS Coating

Ion-beam sputtering (IBS) is a method that atoms of materials are bombarded and deposited on the substrate by impact of ions. The second ion source is used to bombard the substrate when the sputtered atoms are deposited on the substrate. IBS makes coating film very dense, very low pinholes, low absorption, increases the adhesion and humidity resistance of films, to make a reliable hard coating.

MS Coating

Start the essential components of Magnetron control sputtering (MS) is a cathode and an anode, between which an electric field is established that produces a specific power density. Similar to IBS, MS can make very good quality hard coatings, it was because the sputtered atoms has the energy of a few eV level even with no second source assisted. Photop Santa Rosa Coating Center is equipped with advanced MS coating machines.



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