Ultra-High Brightness Direct Diode Lasers

Flat bed sheet metal cutting and 3-D robotic processes

II-VI‘s state-of-the-art, ultra-high brightness direct diode lasers are truly next-generation tools. Using the simplicity of passive optics and laser diodes that are designed to withstand high back reflections, our lasers enable integrators of laser cutting systems to leapfrog existing technologies. Built for industrial applications and perfectly suited for sheet metal cutting, our ultra-high brightness direct diode lasers offer a beam parameter product of 6 mm*mrad in the 1 micron wavelength range – a first for direct diode lasers. With laser engines reaching up to 600 W each, our lasers allow system integrators to tailor the source specifically to their customers’ needs. Since fiber delivery facilitates robotic integration, II-VI’s direct diode lasers are the perfect source for 3D or freeform cutting applications in automotive manufacturing and other applications.

Welding, Brazing, Soldering, FRIT Cell Sealing, and oscillation welding

Laser welding and brazing are increasingly deployed in body-in-white welding and brazing, high-speed welding of medical devices, and sealing of lithium-ion batteries. Lasers are now replacing tungsten inert gas for welding, even in low-cost applications. II-VI is leading this trend with its new ultra-high brightness direct diode lasers, delivering a source that is reliable, compact, and offers low cost of ownership. In addition to increasing the working distance, high brightness welding lasers allow for remote welding and enable true, narrow keyhole welds. II-VI’s direct diode lasers are designed to withstand back reflections common to welding materials such as copper/aluminum joints on lithium-ion batteries. II-VI’s medium power turn-key systems are a perfect fit for joining applications, such as FRIT welding or PCB soldering, which are used in electronic manufacturing. II-VI offers a broad range of solutions for weld system integrators starting their own product line to the welding engineers looking for innovative solutions.

3D printing, Rapid Manufacturing and Prototyping, Repair Welding

With the advancing technology of laser additive manufacturing, functional parts can be created by laser melting of powdered material or wire. Direct diode lasers are rapidly making inroads into several industries, with aerospace applications leading the way. In an environment where speed, efficiency, and reliability are crucial, II-VI’s compact, ultra-high brightness direct diode lasers are the key to success. Small laser spot sizes allow for near net-shape manufacturing and the generation of intricate geometries. Our direct diode lasers’ efficient design reduces the size and cost of turnkey systems. For applications requiring only a few hundred watts, a compact light engine with II-VI’s high brightness technology can be easily integrated with the powder nozzle or mounted directly on a gentry.