Laser Modules for LiDAR

Q-switched eye-safe Laser

Q-switched Laser is a diode pumped, passively Q-switched laser with a near infrared wavelength of 1535nm. The compact laser has internal photo diode to monitor & synchronize the laser pulse signal. It is designed and assembled for harsh enviroment operation with wide operating temperature range. These features make it ideal for laser telemeter, remote sensing, LIBS (Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy), 3D laser imaging and surveying equipment.

Part No.  Wavelength Peak Power Energy/Pulse Pulse Width Repetition Rate Beam Divergence Dimension
Q-switched Eye-safe Laser
DPQL-1535-C-0040-005N-02 1535nm 8kW 40μJ 5ns 100Hz 15mrad Ø12.0mm×18.5mm
DPQL-1535-C-0050-004N-02 1535nm 8kW 40μJ 4ns 100Hz 12.5mrad Ø12.0mm×18.5mm
DPQL-1535-C-0050-004N-03 1535nm 8kW 40μJ 4ns 1kHz 15mrad Ø12.0mm×18.5mm
DPQLM-1535-C-0040-005N-01-30-000-A 1535nm 12.5KW 50μJ 4ns 10Hz 0.5mrad Ø16mm×60mm
DPQLM-1535-C-0040-005N-02-30-000-A 1535nm 8kW 40μJ 5ns 100Hz 0.5mrad Ø16mm×60mm
DPQLM-1535-C-0040-005N-02-30-000-C 1535nm 8kW 40μJ 5ns 100Hz 0.5mrad Ø16mm×60mm
DPQLM-1535-C-0040-005N-02-50-000-A 1535nm 8kW 40μJ 5ns 100Hz 0.3mrad Ø18mm×80mm
DPQLM-1535-C-0040-005N-03-30-000-A 1535nm 8kW 40μJ 5ns 1KHz 0.5mrad Ø16mm×60mm
DPQLM-1535-C-0040-005N-03-50-000-A 1535nm 8kW 40μJ 5ns 1KHz 0.3mrad Ø18mm×80mm
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