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In the News

Simpler, more selective scandium recovery

By II-VI  /  January 15, 2019
Rare-earth elements (REEs), such as scandium, are in high demand, but it is often difficult to economically recover and extract...
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Preparing for Expansion with a People-First Business Strategy

By II-VI  /  November 19, 2018
Dave Wagner’s HR team is finding the right people to power II-VI’s rapid expansion in diverse markets Dave Wagner developed...
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Optical Coating Innovations Push Performance

By II-VI  /  November 1, 2018
The demands of harsh environments and smart glass are challenging optical coatings manufacturers to improve on control, measurement, and cost....
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The rise and rise of VCSELs

By II-VI  /  September 3, 2018
Michele Agresti, product line manager, datacom VCSELs at II-VI, revealed that the company is also developing VCSELs for 400G transceivers...
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