Sapphire Aspheres for High-power 1μm Laser

II-VI, a global leader in laser optics solutions, introduces aspheric sapphire optics for the high-power 1 micron market. Sapphire is an alternative to fused silica with exceptional material properties for high-power performance, including increased thermal conductivity, refractive index, and hardness. Used in demanding 1 micron cutting and welding applications, II-VI’s sapphire aspheres enable smaller, lighter designs with fewer lenses and longer lifetime, thus reducing system operating costs.

  • Sapphire aspheres decrease contamination effects on laser performance, meaning less downtime for cleaning and servicing.
  • Improved thermal conductivity offers significant advantage over fused silica.
  • High quality water-cooled mounts are recommended for high power.
  • Higher power handling allows for reduced clear aperture size compared to fused silica.
  • Higher index of refraction allows for shallower lenses compared to fused silica.
  • Laser induced focal shift is 50% of fused silica for the same absorbed power.
  • Laser induced focal shift rise time is three times faster than that of fused silica.

Sapphire’s power-handling ability of 20 kW has been demonstrated; see “Comparison of 1 μm Optical Materials for High-Power Laser Processing” by II-VI optical design engineer Adam Argondizzo, et al., presented at ICALEO, October 2019.

Materials Processing, High Power 1μm Laser Processing, Fiber Laser Optics, INFRARED

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