Evaluation Board Data Sheets

  • FDB-1032-SFP+ Evaluation Board for SFP, SFP+ and SFP28 optical transceivers, and SFPwire® active optical cables
    Download (PDF)
  • FDB-1051 Evaluation Board for QSFP+ and QSFP28 optical transceivers and Quadwire® active optical cables
    Download (PDF)

Software GUIs

These software GUIs (graphical user interfaces) are intended for use with II-VI evaluation boards.

(Important – please note that for the GUIs below to run on a Windows 10 PC, you will have to install a driver for the small hardware communications board (known as FDB-INT-USB3) that handles the communication between the USB port of the PC and the evaluation board. Please see the “Drivers” section below for more information.)

  • Software GUI SFP+/SFP28/SFPwire™ Active Optical Cable
    Transceiver Workbench for SFP-based transceivers – click here
  • Software GUI for QSFP+/QSFP28/Quadwire™ Active Optical Cable
    Transceiver Workbench for QSFP-based transceivers – click here


The eval boards listed above have integrated on them a small USB interface board that handles the communications between the PC and the eval board. This is known as FDB-INT-USB3 and it requires that you load a driver on the PC to communicate with the eval board.

Note: the FDB-INT-USB3 is not sold as a standalone unit. It is only available as an integrated communications board in the FDB-1032-SFP+ and FDB-1051 eval boards.

  • Click here to download the Windows 10 driver for the FDB-INT-USB3.
  • Click here to download the product brief for the FDB-INT-USB3.