Electronic Devices

II-VI’s pHEMT GaAs process technology and associated standard product offering represent the output of many years of experience working closely with system engineers in various end markets. All products are 100% DC and RF tested at wafer level to ensure technical compliance to specification. Products can be supplied in either die form or as diced wafers ready for automated assembly. All die-level products are 100% visually inspected. All products supplied at wafer-level have an accompanying electronic wafer map clearly identifying known RF good die.

II-VI’s GaAs products enable a broad range of applications.

Discrete Low noise Amplifiers

  • Low noise and driver amplifiers
  • Voltage controlled oscillators
  • Point-to-point and digital radio
  • Cellular output amplifier
  • Satellite uplink transmitters

Broadband switches

  • Test instrumentation
  • Fiber optics
  • Broadband communications

MMIC amplifiers

  • Low noise front end amplification
  • Satellite communications gain blocks

Electronic Devices Products