DPSS Laser Crystals

Laser Gain Crystals

Nd doped YAG and YVOcrystals are used in solid state lasers, which are major tools for applications such as welding, cutting, drilling, marking, and engraving. 2.94 u Er doped YAG crystals are used in medical lasers for aesthetic and dental applications. Un-doped YAG crystals, polished to high quality laser finish, are ideal hard materials for optical components such as mirrors and prisms. Nd:YAG material used for the laser wavelengths of 532, 355, 266, and 213 nm. II-VI is a world leader in the supply of high quality YAG and YVO4.

Life Sciences, Materials Processing, Cosmetic, High Power 1μm Laser Processing, Ultraviolet Laser Microprocessing, DPSS Laser Crystals, PHOTOP

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