Diamond-Turned Specialty Optics

Long Working Distance Off-Axis Parabolas

In Ithe past, the working distance (WD) of off-axis parabolic mirrors was limited to the two-axis diamond-turning lathe’s swing diameter. Today, II-VI routinely produces long working distance parabolas with any turning angle using slow tool servo technology.

Like standard working distance off-axis parabolic mirrors, long working distance mirrors are made from copper substrates (either tilted or flat) which withstand extremely high laser powers and industrial environments. These mirrors provide diffraction-limited focusing when properly mounted and aligned. Also, copper mirrors are coated to provide greater reflectivity.

II-VI designs parabolic mirrors to reflect and focus the laser beam through 90° (standard) or any other convenient angle. Custom-designed features, such as water cooling and nonstandard mounting configurations, are available upon request.

  • Working distances that exceed standard capabilities of two-axis machines.
  • Excellent figure accuracy < 0.5µm.
  • Excellent surface roughness < 0.6 nm.
  • Large-diameter optics up to 250 mm.


Materials Processing, CO2 Laser Microprocessing, High Power CO2 Laser Processing, Diamond-Turned Specialty Optics, INFRARED

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