Diamond-Turned Specialty Optics

Biconic Mirrors

In many applications, spherical mirrors, cylindrical mirrors, and parabolic mirrors help shape the laser beam. Biconic mirrors -- or the more general toroidal mirrors -- can combine two separate optics into one.

Biconic mirrors have two different radii on one surface. It is possible to make a biconic mirror with spherical curves or aspheric curves, depending on the application and need to eliminate aberrations. When appropriately designed, they can replace common 90° bending mirrors to recollimate a laser beam in a long delivery path.

  • Biconic optical power can be placed on one surface.
  • Curves can be designed to produce diffraction-limited focus at 45º AOI.
  • Useful in anamorphic beam expanders.
  • As a focusing mirror at 0º AOI, it will produce elliptically shaped spots.
  • Curvatures can be spherical or aspherical.
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